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Assisted Living Services

At Landmark Associates we pride ourselves in successfully completing both large-scale renovations and small-scale building maintenance projects: keeping your assisted living facility running smoothly and providing residents with a safe, happy and attractive home.

Landmark Associates specializes in assisted living facilities and provides facility managers with:

  • Superior construction and maintenance capabilities
  • Clear expectation-setting and schedule adherence
  • Consistent and convenient communication with clients
  • Timely and easy-to-understand responses to questions
  • Awareness of how our work affects residents (minimal disruptions and faster completion times are a priority)

At Landmark Associates we strive to provide the best quality craftsmanship while being respectful of the people who live in the space during renovation or new construction. We have many years of experience working in assisted living facilities, so our staff is sensitive to the needs and expectations of residents with complex health problems. Our contractors are always considerate of the needs of the residents and work hard to keep their routine as normal as possible while still moving the project forward.


  • BEFORE - gutted kitchen

Greenwich Farms (Warwick, RI) is a Benchmark Senior Living Community that suffered heavy water damage in residential units and common areas. Landmark repaired the damage to the ceiling, kitchen, and bathroom with minimal disruption to residents.

The Commons in Lincoln, MA is a luxury senior living community. Landmark’s master craftsmen were called in to restore a worn staircase that is now as stately as the rest of the facility.