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Property Manager Services

Property Managers…Condominium Managers…Homeowners’ Association Trustees…

They all have properties to oversee, manage and maintain – and many residents to keep happy. Landmark provides full-service construction and preventative maintenance for properties large and small.

Our goal is to help property managers when construction issues arise or a capital improvement project is needed. We have a highly experienced, reliable team that has worked together for years.  In addition, we are always aware of how our work affects residents and strive to minimize disruptions and make faster completion times a priority.

Services include:

  • Common area remodeling or renovation
  • Window installation and repair
  • Roofing and siding
  • Decks

We have experience managing construction projects of ALL sizes. Our goal is to form long-lasting relationships built on trust, so that if you have a building problem, you know that Landmark Associates will provide superior service with minimal impact on your homeowners and residents.


  • BEFORE - Damaged and faded siding

Hovey Square Estates is a 60-unit condominium complex in Dracut, MA whose appearance and quality of life was enhanced by Landmark when they rebuilt all the deteriorating, unsafe decks and replaced the siding from top to bottom.