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Water Damage Leads to Gut Remodel of Brookline Home: Part 2

After burst pipes and massive water damage ruined their stately home in upscale Brookline, MA, the homeowners turned to Landmark Associates to rebuild their house into a modern, dream home. In our previous blog, we highlighted the renovations made to the main living areas on the first floor. Meanwhile, upstairs, where the original pipes burst, the remodel brought the home out of the ‘70s.

The bathrooms saw the most stunning changes. The homeowners, who are native Chinese, wanted to incorporate some Eastern elements into their Western home. The result is an Asian-influenced “wet room” – essentially a shower and tub in a combined area.


The shower/tub combined “wet area” of the master bathroom.

Down the hallway, the shared, family bathroom received an update and is nearly unrecognizable.

Finally, all the bedrooms had new windows installed, hardwood floors refinished, and new paint to complete the renovation.

At Landmark, we’re used to dealing with large renovation projects. In fact, this one cost several hundred thousand dollars, only some of which was covered by insurance. However, what we hadn’t dealt with before is the language barrier. The homeowners spoke very little English so we used a translator for initial design consultations. As the project progressed, the family returned to China for three months, necessitating the need for conference and video calls, utilizing the homeowners’ 19-year-old daughter as a translator. Our priorities throughout the process were to not only remodel their home, but to make sure the homeowners were fully engaged and on board with the renovation process and the required budget. We wanted to make sure that all of their questions were answered from the start of the project through to completion.

In the end, this 60-year old Tudor home was brought back to life. Today, the homeowners have moved back in and are now enjoying life in their Boston-area home!

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